Thursday, March 10, 2011

things i should be doing instead of making a blog

let's face it, there are a million things that i should be doing instead of creating a blog! i should be folding clothes, cooking dinner, bookkeeping for my yoga studio...the list is endless. there are so many grown up and responsible things i could (should) be doing right now! instead, i have decided to join my friends in this crazy world of blogging! it does feel a little scary to put myself out there, however, in the words of every 8th grader on the planet "everyone else is doing it!" so i guess i will succumb to peer pressure and do it too.
a little info about me: i am a mom of two teenagers & i own a little yoga studio where i teach hot vinyasa yoga. these three things alone keep me very busy. they are also causing me to desire some time for myself, just to be creative and maybe a little irresponsible!